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Automatically stop data breaches and security threats caused by employees on email. Powered by machine learning, Tessian detects anomalies in real-time, integrating seamlessly with your email environment within minutes and starting protection in a day. Provides you with unparalleled visibility into human security risks to remediate threats and ensure compliance.

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Inbound and Outbound Email Security for Healthcare Organizations

Detect sophisticated email attacks, prevent data loss and exfiltration, and stay compliant, without disrupting employee workflows or medical processes.



Legacy Email Security Solutions Have Failed the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations handle massive amounts of sensitive information such as medical records, PHI, and PII, both internally, as well as emails exchanged between third-parties such as hospitals and insurance companies. Combine that with strict regulatory compliance like HIPAA and HiTrust requirements and it can become daunting.

Simply put, most healthcare organizations don’t have clear visibility into email threats, data exfiltration or employee behavior on email, which means preventing data loss and avoiding data breaches are often an uphill battle.

Questions to ask yourself…
  • How often do you have to update your DLP policies?
  • How do you currently secure PHI and other medical information in emails?
  • How are you preventing advanced phishing, account takeover or ransomware attacks?
  • How much visibility do you have into individual users’ email behavior and insider risk? 
  • How do you balance email security with the productivity and workflow of users?

How Tessian Can Help

Tessian takes the guesswork out of protecting the number one method of data loss - email. Whether it be stopping sensitive data loss or preventing the next advanced phishing attack, Tessian can help.
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Learn how Tessian’s Human Layer Security Platform prevents data loss, phishing, impersonation and insider threats in healthcare organizations.

How Tessian’s Human Layer Security Platform Protects Sensitive Email Data in Healthcare Organizations

Stop Data Exfiltration and Outbound Data Loss Without Cumbersome DLP Policies

Tessian’s Human Layer Security platform automatically stops data breaches caused by employees on email and provides unparalleled visibility into human layer security risks, all while continuously driving employees toward secure email behavior through in-the-moment security training. No rules or policies required.

Specifically, Tessian identifies all email anomalies including:

Stop Ransomware via Phishing and Impersonation

Most ransomware attacks infiltrate an organization through phishing and impersonation. These attack types can be devastating for healthcare organizations, bypassing traditional security solutions and costing millions in time and resources to recover. 

Legacy approaches will scan for known malicious payloads such as links and attachments. This leaves these defences vulnerable to zero-day threats, or attacks without payloads. Tessian will inspect the context of the email to determine indicators of an attack, notify the user, therefore not giving an opportunity of ransomware slipping through or the user to click.

Granular Threat Visibility into Your Healthcare Email Environment

With granular visibility into all email threats and prioritization, healthcare security teams can seamlessly access insights and intelligence that significantly reduce manual incident investigation time, and allow for rapid response to all email attacks including data exfiltration, phishing, impersonation, and insider threats.

  • Individual: Specific and personalized threat insights at the individual level.
  • Administrator: Actionable administrative insights to track and stay ahead of the evolving email threat landscape.
  • Global Benchmarks: Benchmark your risk profile with global industry peers using the Tessian Global Threat Network.

In-the-Moment Educational Warnings

Tessian warnings act as in-the-moment training for employees, continuously educating them about threats, reinforcing your policies, and nudging them toward safe email behavior. Automatically build individualized policies at scale to reduce high-risk email use and track trends in unsafe activity over time.

  • In-the-moment training educates and empowers users to build continuous email security awareness.
  • Risk will quickly trend downward as users learn more about security, becoming better at spotting inbound attacks, and more careful when sending emails.

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Data loss prevention (DLP) is a top priority for security leaders across industries, especially in healthcare. But, most don’t have clear visibility of data movement or employee behavior, which means preventing data loss and avoiding breaches can be an uphill battle. Our latest research can help.
Download Tessian’s latest research on healthcare security to learn…
  • Why healthcare is still the industry that is most likely to have assets lost or stolen
  • Why over half (59%) of security leaders in healthcare say they’re concerned about employees’ unsafe data security practices
  • Why email is the healthcare’s most vulnerable channel for data exfiltration
  • The top reasons why healthcare employees accidentally exfiltrate data and what you can do about it
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