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Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity Statement

Our mission to empower and protect people is a reflection of two of our values: Human First and We Do the Right Thing. For us, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is also a reflection of these core values. 


As a human first company, we are committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment where all our Tessians have the opportunity to thrive. We strive for a better Tessian, and a better world. We’re working inside and outside Tessian to improve diversity and equity in our industry, and foster an environment where everyone feels a sense of belonging.


Our strategy touches each part of a Tessian’s life cycle, from applicant to employee, ensuring that we keep DEI at the core of every point in our candidate and employee experience.

Our Commitments

We are committed to creating long term solutions to narrow the seniority gaps in the technology industry with respect to gender and ethnicity. We work to create opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds, and support those future leaders to grow and develop.

  • Every Tessian defines a detailed growth plan
  • By the end of the year every department will have a tailored growth framework, to enable skills development and internal mobility

We are committed to communicating fair and transparent processes:

  • We regularly audit our internal communications, internal processes, and candidate processes to assess for and mitigate against opportunities for unconscious bias
  • We are moving to publish salary bands internally in early 2022 

We are committed to creating vibrant, cohesive and inclusive communities which has led to the creation of our employee resource groups:

  • Plus is our LGBTQ+ network, whose mission is to create a safe and supportive space for LGBTQ+ staff and represent their interests
  • Tes-she-an is our women’s network, committed to creating a space for companionship, celebration, collective development and career progression

We are committed to supporting our communities outside of Tessian

  • We partner with the 1 hour project, whose mission is to ensure every young person has access to a professional network that helps them. Our volunteer employees work with students, who are first generation university grads, from racially diverse backgrounds, to understand where they’d like their career to go
  • We give each Tessian 1 additional day of leave to volunteer each year
  • We’re always looking for ways to support our communities, and often match charitable donations made by Tessians

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