Oct 6, 2018
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Hack to Learn and Not learn to Hack

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Hack to Learn: These words are used to guide the noobs “hack to learn”. It means that learn to hack just for defense and understand the software structure and designs, check their vulnerabilities, how to deface them. But just for the knowledge purposes. Hacking is not a skill it comes out automatically in programmers when they understand the whole structure like how compiler execute the programs and re-engineering the software and what so ever.

Hack to learn means use hacking legally and understand the structures. And how you can make your product not hackable and vulnerable.

Not Learn to Hack:

If you are learning to hack facebook account, wifi network, carding, spoofing and sniffing the devices etc. for your benefits. It’s not legal. You may get prison. Don’t harm anybody. Just hack to learn and make your own product not hackable. Don’t learn to hack anyone’s facebook account and wifi 🙂

Being a Hacker is Not a Game. Real Hacker Never Show Off His Skill’s – Hackers Need Much Knowledge Then Software Engineer, Programmer Or Computer Scientist. Let’s Understand With Example :- Let’s See There is a One Company Whom Get Warning That There System Got Hacked In 10 Minutes; In This Scenario White Hat Need Calm Mind For Quick Decision & High Skill Of Programming & Typing Speed – “Now Hacker Had To Stop Threat In 10 Minute, Hacker Don’t Know Black Hat Used Which Programming In Virus. So He Had To Master All Programming.

it simply means that you should hack to learn that is you should hack so that you can learn about internal parts or working of systems. Hacking basically means testing systems to find out their vulnerability ( finding loopholes in them) and then trying to make better systems from the knowledge you gained from finding those vulnerabilities. Hacking in a way is to go deeper into working of a system and check if it could be made better . Hack to learn means use your skills to learn about systems as much as you can ( and later try to make them better). If you are a pentester you would have got what I mean very easily. Learn to hack means don’t think that you are going to hack accounts or websites etc after you have learned to hack ( that is not the real motto of word hacking). Hacker is basically a person who is very much passionate about exploring computers or network systems. He uses his skills to study systems more than what a common person would. So its said, “hack to learn and not learn to hack”.

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Issue That Young Hacker’s Do  Lets Discuss – Young Mind Get Disturb & Irritated Easily By Some Fools Of Society. So Hacker’s Need Calm Mind. If Someone Tease You By Saying Something “Just Forgive Him/Her” Its Real Sign Of Great Human. Let Them In Thier Thinking that “He is Fake” Even I am Facing This Lots in Society, I just Forgive One Guy For His Mistake But Now They Fools Think That I Can’t Do Anything & I am Spreading Rumour Of Everything. But I’ll Never Try To Show Them What I can Do Or Not. Because Time Is Great & It ‘ll Show All At Time What You Are & Why You Are. Take Thier Teasing As Success Fuel.
“If You Want To be a Pro Hacker Then Learn To Forgive & Always Meditate In Alone To Keep Mind Calm & For Quick Actions – “Let The Fools Be Fool”

Never Use Your Knowledge For Your Harness. You Have Become Like “Wisdom Of Solomon” 

But Never Forget “You Are Legion” Never Step Back To Use Your Wisdom Against Justice & Crime.
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